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Vietnam private detective agency – Here are some of private investigation services include: Business investigation service, business due diligence. Background check, personal investigation, internet dating scams. Cheating partner, person finder/missing. Verify information about your fiancé, surveillance service and other investigative services upon request.


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    How much does it cost to hire a private detective service company in Ho Chi Minh? What is the current price list of detective services in Ho Chi Minh? How to rent a reputable and quality Ho Chi Minh detective agency.


    When you need to hire a detective in Ho Chi Minh or use a certain service, surely the cost and price will be your top priority, along with the quality of the service. When coming to any detective agency, you should also consider the cost associated with the service you receive. Because nowadays, when searching on the internet, you will see a lot of Ho Chi Minh detective agencies , and you don't know which one to choose.

    Ho Chi Minh's most prestigious and professional detective service

    Ho Chi Minh prestigious detective service

    Infidelity investigation

    The situation of adultery, having a relationship relationship outside of marriage is not uncommon nowadays. However, adultery is inherently stealthy and concealed, so it is increasingly difficult to investigate and find evidence. There are many cases where the spouse has a lover outside but comes home as usual, leaving us in doubt as to what is the truth.

    To solve this situation, many people have resorted to the help of detective agencies to investigate adultery, especially our detective agency.

    Our adultery detective agency is sure to help you get the evidence you need and to expose the 13th zodiac sign. Clear all your doubts.

    Investigation for overseas Vietnamese and foreigners

    Investigation for overseas Vietnamese and foreigners

    Many overseas Vietnamese and expatriates living abroad and working far away often tend to send money back to their loved ones to spend, or make profitable investments. However, most people do not know the money they send to their family members. How do partners spend? Is the information as accurate as what it tells me? Or know someone far away, trust or not? To know all the information far away accurately and quickly. Is your money invested in the right place? Is your lover honest with you or not? To avoid the case that you are Vietnamese overseas, foreigner , you can contact our detective agency to investigate overseas Vietnamese. These are the units. Reputation can help clients confirm their doubts and concerns in a 100% private and confidential manner.

    Pre-marital investigation

    Pre-Marriage Investigation

    Marriage is an important milestone that shows the connection not only between two individuals but also two families. After marriage, husband and wife will work together to manage assets and take care of the future, so it is very important to determine if they / their children have the "right" choice or not.

    It is not uncommon to build an image and resume for a fraudulent marriage. Thus, a wise person will consciously learn more about his spouse's background before making important life decisions.

    Parents-in-law want background investigation daughter-in-law? Doubtful in-laws want to check the criminal background of their son-in-law? Want to know more about your life partner? This will become very easy if you contact our detective agency to investigate, which will assist you with pre-marriage investigations of certain subjects that you do not need to show up.

    To avoid surprises after marriage, do your research and make sure to know about your partner first.

    Student supervision

    Investigation for overseas Vietnamese and foreigners

    Busy work or long geographical distance makes it difficult for many parents to carefully monitor and supervise their children, even though they are very concerned. As a result, many young people of school age are very easy to fall into social traps. To assess whether their child has fallen, learned from bad friends or engaged in unhealthy hobbies, some parents have turned to the help of our detective agency.

    This way, even though time is tight. Parents can still understand the situation of their children .

    Find evidence to help the Law Office

    Find evidence

    To win a lawsuit or dispute, the evidence, evidence is indispensable. Evidence is valuable information that proves an individual is innocent or guilty. It is the basis for the court to decide and determine the punishment for the guilty party. Evidence can be in the form of photographs; video; record; papers..or any information that helps you confirm your point of view. Currently, many law offices have additional links with detective investigation and supervision offices upon request to have more evidence to support their clients.

    ID verification service

    a->Verify the background of someone you need. Employee verification for business; identity verification; pedigree DNA verification; fingerprint assessment… Depending on the diverse needs of customers, verification is required. Essential support services for businesses and individuals.

    In addition, our detective agency also receives verification services upon request. Any request for information, we are ready to consult and analyze the incident 100% free for customers to orient and solve the problem in the best direction.

    Find lost and run away

    Find the lost and run away

    Although technology, social networks are evolving. Identification is not as difficult as in the past, but for some special cases. Many people still need the support of our detective agency.

    You need to find a missing or lost relative for a long time? Looking for a debtor to run away from the locality? With a wide network and professional capabilities. Our detective agency always has a way for you to get the most information from lost subjects.

    Competitor investigation

    Competitor Investigation

    The service competitor investigation is an important service for businesses who want to strengthen their competitive position in the market .

    It helps businesses update about trends, competitors. Competitors' business strategies, enabling businesses to adjust their strategies and business activities to better achieve business goals.

    Service to find the owner of a phone number.

    In today's technology era, the phone number is indispensable for us. In doing business, it is indispensable to have a phone number to contact or cooperate. However, there are some people who profitably affect you but you can't trace that person? Who is? Or the 13th animal... Then you should immediately contact our detective agency to investigate that phone number. Or the following cases:

    You have a headache or are harassed by a strange phone number that harasses, threatens, scams, runs away... We will help you verify who the owner of that phone number is, or locate the phone number. In which area is that phone so you can easily locate it. Therefore, this is an indispensable service in today's society.

    When should you hire a detective in Ho Chi Minh

    When to hire a detective

    Before hiring a detective, determine if you really need to. Especially for those who do business, they need to be more careful. You should hire detective services in the following cases:

    01. Do you need to investigate your husband/wife when suspecting adultery?

    02. Do you need to investigate internal theft?

    03. Do you have an insurance inquiry?

    04. You have the need to investigate someone who has faked, scammed, or adversely affected your business brand.

    05. You have a need to investigate information about a certain individual (for example, the person you are about to get married, the person involved in your business relationship, your love)

    06. You have a need to find relatives, people who have been missing/lost for many years?

    07. Do you want to find out about the phone number?

    08. You want to better monitor, manage and supervise your children

    09. Investigate business rivals, compete in work

    10. You want to verify information that you are doubting, uncertain.

    All these cases should use detective services to get accurate results. Because at this time you cannot afford and time to find the results, so it is necessary to have a team of experienced detectives to give the best and fastest results.

    Why should you choose a reputable detective service Nhat Phong


    Resolve the problem quickly

    Adultery, theft, fraud are painful issues at the present time. However, it is very difficult to find evidence and solve them thoroughly.

    Relying on public authorities is the solution that few people choose. Because of the long waiting time as well as the cumbersome procedure because there is no evidence.

    When it comes to private detective services , that will be solved perfectly. No evidence, no hard procedures, detectives will quickly solve your case.

    Effective while saving time and effort


    Referring to the benefits of hiring a detective, the quality of service cannot be ignored.

    To find thieves or evidence of adultery, many people have to spend a lot of time and effort. However, the efficiency is not high. Very few people have enough experience to find what they need.

    When hire a detective , customers will not waste time searching and tracking. At the same time, the efficiency is very high. After only a short time of searching, professional detectives will quickly solve your problem.

    Information Security

    When a family or business has problems, revealing information to outsiders is a taboo issue. This also makes people shy when asking detectives or competent agencies.

    Realizing that problem, professional detective services have made special commitments. In which, ensure privacy of personal information as well as the customer's case.

    Cost saving

    Finding scammers or adulterers is expensive. This is because people have neither experience nor skills. On the contrary, detectives can do this very well. This helps customers save a lot of money.

    Commitment of Nhat Phong Detective Company in Ho Chi Minh

    Commitment of Nhat Phong detective company: No success without cost - Your satisfaction is our success.

    Our company works clearly, has a specific plan, all your requests will be handled quickly and efficiently by us.

    All information about customers is kept confidential by us and before the investigation, between the customer and our company, there is a contract with a clear commitment.

    List of Detective Service Rental Rates in Ho Chi Minh today.


    Office reputable Ho Chi Minh private detective service company – Nhat Phong Detective would like to offer the following services to you. Rates may vary due to the nature of the service you request.

    Monitoring service, monitoring by day, week, month.

    Adultery Monitoring$100/day
    Child Supervision$100/day
    Pre-Marriage Investigation$100/day
    Find People$100/day
    Find Car Owner$200/car
    Find the RunawayAgreement
    Find Lost PersonAgreement
    On DemandAgreement

    Ho Chi Minh detective agency services provide information at the request of customers: Depending on the type of information that you require.

    Above is the current price list of detective services in Ho Chi Minh. When you need to hire a private detective company in Ho Chi Minh, please contact the detective agency in Ho Chi Minh Nhat Phong for support and more details about the detective rental rate.

    Nhat Phong Detective Company in Ho Chi Minh

    Nhat Phong detective company we are very pleased to serve you. We cater to all the requirements of our customers. Failure is free of charge - Your satisfaction is our success . Please do not hesitate to contact our hotline number and we will come to your place to advise you.

    Hotline: 0908-145-007


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