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    The Service of Monitoring, Monitoring, and Managing Children is a Service that is highly appreciated by many customers as parents when using Detective Services at Nhat Phong Private Detective


    The current need to monitor, supervise and manage children

    Children are a valuable asset of each parent, each customer. At the same time, it is also an easy target for bad guys to always try to drag your child down the wrong path. Because teenagers are still at the age of learning, less likely to collide with complex issues in society, absorb information impulsively without knowing it's wrong or right.

    However, due to busy work, no time to manage children, making them fall into traps and evils of society. As parents, what should we do?

    The detective service to supervise and manage the children of Nhat Phong company is the most professional.

    Understanding all the worries of parents, Nhat Phong detective service company has created a 24/7 monitoring and management service for children.

    Children management monitoring service in Nhat Phong will help customers

    Monitor whether your child attends school? If not, where to go, what address? Go with somebody?

    Investigate what kind of friends your child is socializing with, good or bad?

    Investigate whether your child is involved in any social evils: drugs, gambling, gambling, game addiction, ? What level?

    Track your child coming home late, where to spend the night? With whom?

    Our detective team will help you pick up and protect your children from bad elements in society: theft, kidnapping, traffic collision ...

    Nhat Phong advises parents on how to manage and orient their children in accordance with their children's abilities, circumstances and actual conditions of each family.

    Professional methods of managing, monitoring and supervising children in Nhat Phong

    1. Driver cum bodyguard service to pick up and protect children to school:

    Recently, many kidnappings for ransom are showing signs of increasing, and the target of this group is the children of wealthy families. With this service, Nhat Phong will provide a shuttle to protect your children when leaving the house.

    2. Monitoring 24/7 monitoring of children's activities:

    This is a secret monitoring service when your child is a difficult child, and the above 2 services are not suitable. We will secretly show your children where to go, what to do, who to meet, whether to go to school or not 24/7 secretly.

    3. Special child management services:

    With this service, Nhat Phong detective company will send a qualified employee to follow to protect your children, both to guide learning, to be a confidant to share all your children's thoughts, to guide your children. of your customers away from bad environments and become better.

    The process of hiring a monitoring service to monitor and manage children

    monitor, supervise and manage the children of detective Nhat Phong

    Step 1: You call the hotline / zalo to be consulted and reported the preliminary cost.

    Step 2: Customers prepare information related to their children: full name, photo, vehicle, address, ... to discuss with us.

    Step 3: Make an appointment to exchange information between the client and the company at the detective office or a suitable location according to the customer's request. If customers do not have time to meet face-to-face, they can request a simple procedure of hiring a detective via zalo/email but still have enough committed contracts between the two parties.

    Step 4: Agree on costs and terms between the two parties, sign a service contract.

    Step 5: Nhat Phong conducts according to the signed contract and regularly updates information to customers.

    Children management supervision service fee

    Because this is a private detective service, each customer's case has a different detective fee. For details, please contact hotline/zalo

    Payment: Please reserve 50% service fee in advance. You can pay by cash or transfer to the bank account below our website.

    BECAUSE. Why do many customers trust Nhat Phong's child management monitoring service:

    Accurate information: we continuously update information with report images according to the requirements of customers.

    A team of dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable adolescents is ready to listen, share, and advise your children.

    Advising and advising customers on how to handle situations to thoroughly solve all problems in the most effective and best way…

    Absolutely confidential information: We are committed to protecting the personal information of our customers and children, keeping the information confidential.

    Reasonable low cost for each customer case.

    Trusted by thousands of customers to refer their loved ones to use the service.


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